Sharing at the UCISA Future is Mobile event

To support the communications strategy for our W2C project we agreed to present with our Moodle partner, ULCC, at UCISA’s Future is Mobile event. After my 6am start, you’ll see from the tweets I’ve repeated below that the day didn’t go exactly to plan!

I wasn’t too lucky with breakfast:

  • And the prize for being up early for #UCISAmob … the dust + crumbs marking the end of the cereal #notmuchchewonatuesday

An unscientific device survey on the train revealed slightly surprising results:

  • From my train seat the device scores on the doors are: iPhone=3 blackberry=2 windows=2

Then the trouble started: a train in front brought down the overhead power lines leaving a number of twitter colleagues wondering what time we might arrive in Birmingham:

  • think @leoappleton ‘s train broke it @markpower is behind him. I’m behind Mark + @DMStephenson is behind me. It’s like an 11+ qu
  • We’re gonna need a bigger boat

We were eventually put on a coach heading back North, sharing data about mobile developments and hoping we might catch up with others

  • The northern breakaway contingent of #UCISAmob (me + @markpower) is heading for Stoke: is the kettle on @FleurP ?

I arrived back in Manchester just in time to record a voice-over for the slides that I’d intended to present, which I uploaded to YouTube for my co-presenter:

With a stroke of genius for a “Future of Mobile” event, Frank then played the audio back via his iPhone to accompany the slides, which went down well with the audience!

  • Wow…not only the future is mobile…the now is too…a mobile device is presenting #ucisamob
  • Presenter didnt get to event due to issues, recorded sound file & sent 2 colleague, now playing back via an iPhone & mic #genius #UCISAmob
  • A presentation by phone. THAT’S mobile. #ucisamob
  • @thestubbs talking about researching mobile needs – via @fstoner ‘s iPhone 🙂 mobile technology at work at #UCISAmob !
  • @thestubbs Listening to you speak on @fstoner ‘s iPhone at #ucisamob via live stream. #awesomenessindeed
  • round of applause for @fstoner for toughing it out and holding his iPhone up to the microphone for so long #ucisamob
  • @fstoner presenter stuck on a train? There’s an App for that! #UCISAmob

In the course of the day I’d used my mobile to:

  1. check the agenda, delegate list and location of the event
  2. listen to music
  3. get news about the train failure from the train operator and friends on other trains
  4. keep up remotely with the conference I’d been planning to attend (I narrowly missed the chance to vote while switching from train to coach)
  5. discuss and arrange how I was going to present remotely

And, of course, Frank used his mobile to present my voice from YouTube!

On reflection, these are pretty similar to the categories we’d asked student to use to categorise their use of mobile to support their studies:

  • Checking deadlines/timetables: 66%
  • Discussing/arranging work: 66%
  • Listening to music/blocking noise: 38%
  • Accessing learning materials: 35%
  • Looking up references: 28%
  • Taking notes: 28%
  • Producing coursework: 8%
  • Voting/interacting in class: 7%
  • Commenting on learning: 6%

And, as I write this, the W2C blog and the video made in lieu of my presence are still being retweeted – and to think earlier in the day I’d been using the hashtag #UCISAstationary instead of #UCISAmob !

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