Device led student interviews

During January and February the Project Team (members of Learning Research & Information Services and the Centre for Research in Library & Information Management) will be carrying out 100 short impromptu interviews with MMU students. The aim of the research is to find out about students’ use of technology in their studies. A pilot has already been run and the team are currently tweaking some of the questions based on the responses and feedback received. What’s distinctive about the interviews is that the questions are device led i.e. asking students to show us the technology device/s they are carrying with them there and then (whether it be a notebook, Kindle, mobile phone etc) and ask how these devices are used in their learning (including what they use them for, where and how frequently). We’ll also be asking how well students feel MMU supports their use of technology and how it could be improved. By using this method it is anticipated we will gather some very meaningful research – to be utilised at the next stage of the W2C research… student design workshops (more info to follow!)