TRAFFIC assessment info goes mobile

MMU has developed a “Core Plus” VLE based on Moodle, which presents information relevant to each student’s studies, such as their timetable, reading list and assignment deadlines. The “mega-mashup” web-service developed to deliver this personalised information is described in our JISC Distributed VLE project W2C.

Our consultation work with students has revealed a growing appetite for receiving this information via mobile phones, so TRAFFIC project team members have been working with MMU’s mobile phone partner (oMbiel) to consume the “mega-mashup” web-service from its CampusM App.

As the “mega-mashup” was designed to be called from Moodle, a companion web-service was developed to present each student with a list of Moodle areas for the Programme and Units they are studying. The App picks up the student ID and generates a short-lived security token which it uses to call the web-service that returns a list of Moodle areas (and single-sign-on links for email, timetable, coursework and library systems). This list is returned as an ATOM feed, which is transformed by the App to display a personalised list of Moodle areas with icons for email, timetable, coursework and library. Clicking any of the Moodle areas calls the “mega-mashup” web-service as if it had been called from that Moodle area, which returns an ATOM feed that is transformed for optimised display on a mobile.

After some great rapid development between MMU’s LRT team and oMbiel, the MyMMU App was released in the App Store, Google Play and Blackberry World and as mobile browser site on Tuesday, August 21. Students can use the following download link to get the App. The App currently has over 9,500 registrations and we look forward to discovering how students will react to a personalised list of assignment deadlines on their mobile!

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