Inspired by its engagement with the JISC’s Curriculum Design and Delivery Programme, MMU has embarked on an institution-wide initiative to enhance the quality of assessment for learning (EQAL). The TRAFFIC project will support EQAL in TRansforming Assessment and Feedback For Institutional Change and share lessons learned from doing so across the sector. It will do this by:

  • reviewing our current assessment and feedback processes in the light of available technologies and appropriate pedagogy
  • securing approval from relevant committees for a set of updated assessment principles and appropriate threshold expectations of the assessment and feedback process for learners
  • articulating requirements for and prioritising development of technologies that will make the biggest improvement to assessment and feedback processes
  • implementing and evaluating technologies to support improved assessment and feedback processes
  • developing and using innovative approaches and materials to facilitate assessment redesign in university-wide Unit approval and review
  • developing review mechanisms within the institution’s new continuous improvement framework to determine the range and impact of assessment and feedback methods
    • blogging project progress and encouraging feedback on our dynamic case study via blog comments and twitter

We expect this activity to:

  • improve assessment and feedback practice across the institution
  • provide business intelligence about assessment and feedback for the institution’s new continuous improvement framework
  • use the most appropriate technologies to support consistent management of assessment and feedback
  • support MMU’s institution-wide Enhancing the Quality of Assessment for Learning initiative to enhance student success and satisfaction
  • provide rich case study material from which other institutions contemplating assessment and feedback redesign can learn