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Posts about the baseline report for the TRAFFIC project

“Run away” (a post about Marking Criteria)

“On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.” (King Arthur, in Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Which is rather a silly way to introduce a post on Marking Criteria and Grade Descriptors, but the … Continue reading

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Continuing the Conversations

I mentioned in an earlier blogpost that dissemination around the baseline report was still going on and that it was a key part of our engagement strategy. This post summarises a few of the activities which have taken place in … Continue reading

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Send up three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance (*)

It seems a long time since we completed the baseline report but we are still working through all of the dissemination activities we planned around it. This is partly because of the timescales of the committee system but also just … Continue reading

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Of course….

I was at a meeting about something else the other day and one of the Deans present said something which had a lot of resonance to the TRAFFIC project: “whatever new things you ask us to do, they must take … Continue reading

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Baseline report: electronic submission

One key area of development for the TRAFFIC project will be electronic submission of work. This is something which was mentioned by all of the focus groups and several interviewees in preparing the baseline report. Many people are already using … Continue reading

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Baseline report: assessment criteria

In the previous post I mentioned that the baseline report suggests that a consistent template for assignment briefs is needed, supported by clear guidance on assignment task design and size, developing appropriate assessment criteria, and best practice on feedback and … Continue reading

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Baseline Report: Assessment design

In this post I’m summarising some of what we have said about assessment design in the baseline report. The EQAL (Enhancing Quality of Assessment for Learning, we do like our acronyms) process has placed some constraints on modular structure, which … Continue reading

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About the TRAFFIC baseline report

The aim of the TRAFFIC project baseline report was to provide a critical review of current practice at Manchester Metropolitan University with respect to assessment and feedback. The report is intended to provide a snapshot of a changing landscape; it … Continue reading

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November Update

The TRAFFIC project is now really under way, with eight interviews and focus groups completed, and several more booked in the next couple of weeks. This data will inform our baseline report which will be completed by 31 January. The … Continue reading

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