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Assessment in HE Conference 2015

Rod Cullen and Rachel Forsyth: Supporting information for poster for the Assessment in HE conference 2015, Birmingham Abstract A large post-92 University in the UK carried out a project to improve consistency and student satisfaction with assessment and to prepare the … Continue reading

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A return to marking hell?

About a year ago, I published this post about trying to avoid marking hell. I said I would try to design assignments so that: Students feel proud of what they’ve done when they submit the task I look forward to … Continue reading

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Open course on Assessment in HE

This blog may have gone quiet, but there is still quite a lot of work happening with the TRAFFIC project. We have been consolidating our findings into assessment policy and procedures which should improve both experiences of staff and students, … Continue reading

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Assessment Management Processes

One of the key aspects of the TRAFFIC project has been an attempt to map the processes for each stage of the assessment lifecycle. As we’ve previously mentioned, we have quite a few parts of systems which work well on … Continue reading

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Multi-professional teams

I suppose it’s tedious to keep emphasising the extent to which assessment is a critical activity in the lives of staff and students, but I’m going to carry on doing it until we think that all of our systems are … Continue reading

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University Standards Descriptors

In an earlier post, I described the development of University Standards Descriptors to support a consistent approach to writing marking criteria across a very diverse institution. As part of the dissemination, I’ve done a short video to explain why they’ve … Continue reading

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Access to Feedback

Last week I attended a useful catch-up with three other Strand A projects. Whilst we are approaching assessment and feedback management from different directions, with TRAFFIC focusing on institutional issues and INTERACT, eAFFECT and Assessment Careers primarily using case studies, … Continue reading

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Can we avoid marking hell?

Inspiring blogger Plashing Vole has published a blogpost about marking which will certainly strike a chord with many of my colleagues. It got me thinking about what the possible solutions should be. We can’t go on like this! Or at … Continue reading

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“Run away” (a post about Marking Criteria)

“On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.” (King Arthur, in Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Which is rather a silly way to introduce a post on Marking Criteria and Grade Descriptors, but the … Continue reading

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Safety in numbers?

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something about quantitative data that I find vaguely comforting. There are numbers here! They must measure something useful! We can do things with them, like make a bar chart or, if there are … Continue reading

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