Assessment Management Processes

One of the key aspects of the TRAFFIC project has been an attempt to map the processes for each stage of the assessment lifecycle. As we’ve previously mentioned, we have quite a few parts of systems which work well on their own, but they are not always seamlessly linked to other important systems. We’d really like some kind of over-arching system which can help with workflows associated with assessment.

This PDF file contains a process map for assignment submissions which are physical or digital objects (paper, digital files, portfolios, artwork, etc) and which can be shared with others. The other two main submission types would be ‘transient’ or ‘ephemeral’ submissions ( performances, presentations, posters, moots, etc), and examinations. If you can think of any others, let us know. We haven’t yet mapped these two alternatives but the only differences would be in the way that the submissions were logged, stored and distributed – the principles of would be the same, I think.

This is a list of what we think is missing from existing assessment management systems or other systems which impact on assessment management such as VLEs or Student Record Systems:

  • Pulling in data from existing systems which specify assessment arrangements (eg our unit outline database or our coursework receipting database) – not making people do things twice
  • Managing ephemeral and examination assignment types
  • Managing objects which aren’t paper
  • Facilities to distribute assignments for moderation in a user-defined way
  • Logging moderation activity
  • Facility to allow anonymous marking.
  • Facility to collect feedback for re-use eg sending to personal tutors, collating for unit leader, searching for keywords

It would also be nice if the student record system could cope with doing statistical analysis on marks. There is a lot of useful information to be gleaned from differences between units and markers and between types of assessment.

Although people from different institutions may think they have different needs from a system, I wonder how different they really are. A good system would allow for the institution to determine its own anonymous marking system or moderation practices – which might vary at the level of a department, as the QAA requirement is only to have a policy in place, not that it has to be institution-wide – and of course would allow for an interface to different VLEs and Student Record Systems. The overall process can’t differ much, can it?

Let us know…


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2 Responses to Assessment Management Processes

  1. rachelf says:

    Apologies, Natasha – we seem to have had some trouble uploading PDFs – it should be working now. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Natasha says:

    Thanks for the great TRAFFIC update. However, the PDF link isn’t currently working. Could you post another link so I can download the file? Many thanks.

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