Access to Feedback

Last week I attended a useful catch-up with three other Strand A projects. Whilst we are approaching assessment and feedback management from different directions, with TRAFFIC focusing on institutional issues and INTERACT, eAFFECT and Assessment Careers primarily using case studies, there were some common themes which I’d like our project to consider.

  • We all want to be able to create a repository of feedback which we can use for developmental work across a course – enabling staff and students to identify themes. Current software just doesn’t seem to deliver this (unless any readers know better?). The Dundee INTERACT project is using wikis for students to create their own repositories to be shared with staff. This is a functional solution, but it depends on students uploading and sharing their feedback.
  • Related to this, feedback analysis tools are useful for discussion in programme teams – how much feedback do colleagues give? What is the tone? What is the format?

We need to make sure that we include these elements in our wish-lists for new electronic assessment management processes.

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