5 Ways in Which to Use MMU Video Resource

Podcast technology is a great addition in your teaching and student learning. Use of podcast benefits teachers and students in areas of distance learning, add interest to teaching courses, accommodate different learning styles and also to illustrate difficult concepts and processes on a taught subject. Students can pause, play, rewind, fast forward and replay as many times as they like.

Over the years Learning and Research Technologies (LRT) has been working hard providing a platform for production, publication and delivery of podcasts for teaching and learning. I have worked with many departmental initiatives across MMU who wanted to embed this technology in their teaching, providing guidance, support and training.

Check this video out.

BlueBerry FlashBack Pro V4.0 is here!

Whether you’re new to podcasting technology or already are comfortable in producing podcast to use within your teaching, this latest version of BB FlashBack Pro V4.0 screen recording software offers many easy to welcome screen resizeduse editing and annotating tools for post-production and is remarkably easy to use.

We have now secured an MMU wide license for the latest much improved BlueBerry FlashBack v4.0 screen capture recording software.

If you want to upgrade your BB FlashBack vr3.0 that is currently installed on your office computer and Laptops then give the Helpline a ring on Ext. 4646 requesting that you want to upgrade to BB FlashBack Pro Vr4.0.

Please note the upgrade to vr4.0 will remove Vr.3.0 off your computer.

IT Zone – PCs for Student use

In Moodle you now have option to create a video assignment for your students.
This is one area that is fast becoming popular with many tutors.

Computers available for students to use in the IT zones areas across MMU will be upgraded to BB FlashBack Pro Vr4.0 by start of new academic year.

What new features are in BB FlashBack v4?

post-production resized

The major new features are:

• Add Transition effects to join different scenes and movies together

• Blur out details

• Export to GIF format

• Add notes at record-time. These are added as textboxes into the movie as textboxes so you can view and edit them later.

• Reuse objects easily by dragging them in and out of the Gallery.

• Add hand-drawn arrows and highlights from the Gallery.

• Adding start and end titles to your movies.

A short promotional video covering MMU Video Resource.

There are more resources available in Moodle Staff Resource Area under the heading Podcasting@MMU.

Technologies for Smarter Working (TfSW)

Read all about it.

PROFICIENCY training for dozens of staff with MMU ipads and other mobile technology is making a big difference to our communications.

Technology forms a major part of the student experience (mobile phones, Facebook, Messaging, YouTube) and MMU has made significant investment providing staff with iPads to aid their work.

Having instant access to emails, notes and diaries and the internet is increasingly important for academic and service group staff.

However, analysis of how smart devices are currently being used, has found that many colleagues are failing to exploit the full potential of the technology, for example creating multiple email accounts, setting options, notifications, swiping gestures and using as an interactive tool ……

Full article on ManMetLife – Are you making the most of your iPad?

Technologies for Smarter Working Session

Tue 29/1/2013
Business Support Services Group
Student and Academic Services

Presenters – Dee Vyas and Nillan Fakira

It’s good to get out of the office and do something different occasionally. This time Dee and I spent a morning session on introducing various technologies to HoDs and officers. A great turnout. Any bigger group and we would have been struggling to provide the delegates with the hands on sessions with technologies. We had 7 xiPads, 3x Papershow, 3 Laptops, Microphones and headsets.

Here’s a list what was covered in the session.

Interactive and Collaboration

PaperShow – PAPERSHOW is a digital writing solution that enables to instantly display handwritten notes from the paper to the screen – interactive meetings and collaboration.

Desktop App.

Podcasting@MMU – Create your very own podcast using MMU licenced BB Flashback screen capture software.

iPad Apps.

Doceri – The professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and remote desktop control (Create, Share, Present and Control)

Evernote – With Evernote, all of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use.

MightyMeeting – Present Anywhere – Online meetings with slide and whiteboard sharing for the Web, Android, and iOS. Present to the whole world from your tablet.

Aurusma – Augmented Reality

Web-based service

Textwall – Students submit words or phrases related to a particular topic or question via text, email or the web. These are then displayed on a ‘textwall’ and a word cloud can subsequently be generated to visually summarise the information.

Smartphone apps

Voxer – Voxer is an integrated multimedia Push-to-talk application. Instantly send voice, text and photos to individuals and groups in real time.

Viber – Viber for iOS lets you use your iPhone make free calls and send free text and photo messages to other Viber users, on any device, network and country!

Past Exam Papers

exam paper small In the Learning and Research Technologies Department (LRT), one of the project I’m currently involved in with my colleagues is getting the past exam papers to students via their Moodle learning environment, creating a great online as well as providing a seamless and personalised experience for MMU students.

Over the past months my tasks was to search and locate the ‘keepers’ opast exam papersf the past exam papers – the local MMU Exam Officers. It’s been a task on its own finding Exam Officers. I finally managed to track them all (I hope so, get in touch if not) down with a little detective work and help of number of staff.

Working with the Exam Officer has been very rewarding, everyone has been so accommodating and working very hard on providing me with the necessary information I wanted. Thousands upon thousands of formatted past exam papers and tagged with the appropriate unit codes were sent to me to be upload into Equella our MMU digital repository so that they can become available in the appropriate units in Moodle for our MMU students.Over the months campus Exam officers have continued to update me with past exam papers to upload in bulk.

Here is a typical past exam papers view of what the students will see in their Moodle Right Hand Side (RHS) block when they are logged in. Students will be presented up to last three years of the past exam papers under the heading LIBRARY – Exam papers. Clicking on the appropriate exam papers link will open a new tab in the browser with a PDF file of the past exam paper.

Please note – previous methods of accessing the exam papers via local campuses and Library websites links have all been disabled.