BlueBerry FlashBack Pro V4.0 is here!

Whether you’re new to podcasting technology or already are comfortable in producing podcast to use within your teaching, this latest version of BB FlashBack Pro V4.0 screen recording software offers many easy to welcome screen resizeduse editing and annotating tools for post-production and is remarkably easy to use.

We have now secured an MMU wide license for the latest much improved BlueBerry FlashBack v4.0 screen capture recording software.

If you want to upgrade your BB FlashBack vr3.0 that is currently installed on your office computer and Laptops then give the Helpline a ring on Ext. 4646 requesting that you want to upgrade to BB FlashBack Pro Vr4.0.

Please note the upgrade to vr4.0 will remove Vr.3.0 off your computer.

IT Zone – PCs for Student use

In Moodle you now have option to create a video assignment for your students.
This is one area that is fast becoming popular with many tutors.

Computers available for students to use in the IT zones areas across MMU will be upgraded to BB FlashBack Pro Vr4.0 by start of new academic year.

What new features are in BB FlashBack v4?

post-production resized

The major new features are:

• Add Transition effects to join different scenes and movies together

• Blur out details

• Export to GIF format

• Add notes at record-time. These are added as textboxes into the movie as textboxes so you can view and edit them later.

• Reuse objects easily by dragging them in and out of the Gallery.

• Add hand-drawn arrows and highlights from the Gallery.

• Adding start and end titles to your movies.

A short promotional video covering MMU Video Resource.

There are more resources available in Moodle Staff Resource Area under the heading Podcasting@MMU.