Origami for Children in Need-16th Nov 2012

This year instead of simply donating to Children in Need Charity I decided to became a fundraiser for this charity.
The theme was ‘Origami for Children in Need’. So what did this Origami fundraising entailed? There was three things to the use of Origami for raising cash.

1) I would make plenty of Origami roses to give as a gift for the donation made.
2) I would create a flower arrangement pot for a larger donation.

3) I would go and hold a Origami workshop session teaching staff to make an Origami Christmas tree, in return they would make a group donation.

All these ideas became an instance hit at MMU. I made over 250 roses to hand out. Each rose would take me approximately 30min to make, time consuming but worth the effort.

The flower arrangements pots request was very creative. A typical 5-6 roses pot would take anything between 4-5 hours to complete. I made many and in return I received very generous donations for them.

The workshops were held over lunch period or 45min to an hour session. These I really enjoyed. Great fun and laughter showing how to make an origami Christmas tree. The end results were great. Not bad for a first attempt from the staff.

As a result of this initiative I managed to raise £400 for this worthy cause. Thanks to good people of MMU who help by buying, selling the origami roses. Thanks also to some of my family outside of work who helped by selling these flowers at their respective work place and also donating towards this charity.

Here is an article that was written about my efforts in the ManMetLife

Diwali Event – 15th November 2012

This year I was part of a team to organise a first ever Diwali Event at MMU. Working with the Equality and Diversity team we put on a great show. The turnout was approximately 100+ and the day turned out to be very successful.

The Event was open to all MMU staff and Students. The event promoted the culture of the Diwali. In the event we included Indian Food such as samosas, Onion Bhajis, Bombay mix, Indian sweets. There was a Sari dressing experience, Henna, Rangoli, fashion show and Bollywood music played throughout the event. The atmosphere was colourful and busy with plenty of activities too.

The event gave opportunities for students to organise and manage the event. Students took time off to come and decorate the place and help out in other areas too.