Podcasting at Hollings Campus

Date: 14th March 2012

Another great turnout from the Hollings Campus staff for my Podcasting awareness presentation. Although the session was primary on podcasting, Dee and I took the opportunity to showcase other technologies, such as PaperShowTM .

I’m glad to say that the live demo of not only demonstrating how to produce a podcast but also the export to a MOV file, Upload to the Podcast Server and Delivery via different methods in Moodle went without any hiccups.

At the end of the presentation, the staff had the opportunity to ask questions. From the many questions I was asked, I felt a sense of so much eagerness and enthusiasm to embrace the podcast technology. So many positive ideas on how best to incorporate this technology in their teaching was clearly an impression I got out of the session. At the end of the presentation, warm thank-you and appreciations for the session were given to us by the staff of Hollings.

Documentation and podcasts are available in the Moodle Staff Resource area under the heading Podcasting@mmu to help you towards your training.

You can upload QuickTime MOV, MP3, MP4 and WMV files to the podcast server.

A PDF of the slides is available here.

The link to PaperShowTM Podcast is available here.

Many thanks to AM and all the Hollings staff for inviting Dee and myself and looking forward to working with you all in the future.


Students and iPad

A very enjoyable and productive meeting took place with an MMU student, showcasing MMU resources and resources under development on getting the best out of a mobile device whilst studying at MMU. The meeting revolved around the use of iPad. In this particular instance student has enrolled on a part-time course. For him it was essential to have as much learning resources accessible and at his disposable whist on the go, balancing his studies, work, home and social life to name a few.

Mymmu portal was demonstrated, digistised materials, past exam papers, RHS Moodle block was demonstrated and a whole suit of ipad apps were demonstrated and recommended for use, such as skydrive, dropbox, iBook, diiago, evernote, RSS, wordpress etc.