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Podcasting at Hollings Campus

Date: 14th Dec. 2011

As part of Hollings Campus Action Plan, I was invited by Anita M. to carry out podcasting awareness demonstrations to the Staff. The turnout was pleasing and lot of interest had been shown in this technology. My aim was to demonstrate that podcasting technology is not too difficult to get into and the benefit to staff and students are enormous. Armed with a laptop, microphone and a screen capture software (BB Flashback), you can podcast anywhere, lecturer rooms, at work in office, at home etc. Different microphones, headsets, and a Bluetooth device were shown.

I took the opportunity to mention other developments taking place in the LRT office in areas of Moodle, Equella, Classroom Technologies, MyMMU portal, MyMMU apps for smart phone, Live@Edu, Learning materials available in Moodle Staff Resource Area, all of which was well received.

Moodle MMU Podcast block was demonstrated for the delivery of podcasts which were tagged with appropriate unit code.

After the presentation, many questions were asked and two that stands out for me were

  • Student lead podcasting and
  • Use of audio feedbacks

Here is the feedback from the session I got from Anita M.

” Here is my feedback on today‚Äôs session:

Staff reported that this was a very efficient delivery by Nillan, easy to understand and extremely interesting and engaging

  • This de-mistified and removed the fear of Podcasting for those new to Podcasting
  • Staff very appreciative of this opportunity
  • Staff are eager to go away and build on this experience and implement it into their Practice
  • It has enabled staff to think of other ways to employ this into their Learning & teaching
  • Positive outcome which will be filtered down through the faculty, others who could not attend have already fed back that they were sorry they could not attend due to other commitments
  • Would love Nillan to be able to come back and deliver this again for those who could not make it today

Nillan, thanks for all your efforts today, the staff really…really enjoyed it, and they are eager for you to return very soon to do more in this area.

Please send my regards to Dee for also attending, and if you have a moment can you ask Dee if he will send me the details of the ear piece you showed today (make/model/cost and best place to buy)

Once again thanks for today

Best Regards ”

I include the slides used on the day