Moodle MMU Podcasts Block

If you have created podcasts and have uploaded these podcasts to the MMU Podcast server and TAGGED them using your unit code then this podcast will interest you. You can create a podcasts block and make them available to your students in your Moodle area.

Please note in order to use the MMU Podcast Block you must upload your podcasts to the Podcasts(PUBLIC) group. Any podcasts uploaded to the MMUOnly group will not show in your Moodle area using this Block.

Here is a podcast showing you how to create this MMU Podcast block in your Moodle area.

MMU Podcast Block

Length – 2min

If you are confident in using Blocks in Moodle then here are quick steps to get you going.

Login to your Moodle area

  1. Turn Editing on
  2. Scroll down to Blocks
  3. Select the option MMU Podcasts
  4. Click on Configuration Icon
  5. Type in your Unit Code
  6. Save Changes