BB Flashback Pro3 – A Quick Review

We have upgraded our BB FlashBack screen capture software to version to Flashback Pro3. I have been busy testing and getting used to the new version. The new version on start-up displays the welcome screen (can be disabled) and on selecting the record a movie option the user is prompted with record options immediately, rather than taking you through number of steps before hitting the record screen. Access to other Options is via this screen too.

The Options menu, accessible via Tools-Options has all the familiar tabs we are used too, such as the Display, Sound, WebCam, Keystrokes, Hotkey, File Size, Record Mode, Misc and Advanced tabs. However an interesting tab called the ‘scheduling’ has been added. This tab offers scheduling recording on a specified start time and a stop time, configurable with options to enable on specific application that you want to podcast on and only record on the selected application. More experimenting with this scheduling tab is a must. I see potential in using this tab, especially if you are a keen podcaster who likes to podcast on the move, your lectures, and generally want to experiment advance options.

This version of Flashback also now offers resizing of your webcam window, unlike the version we have been using. Although Webcam recording hasn’t been a favourite option in podcast creation it’s something to try out and see how students take to seeing their tutor ‘embedded’ in a podcast.


The post production screen looks very similar to the BB Flashback version we have been using , but creeping in are a few new additions such as inserting arrows, watermarks, pauses, cropping movies and inserting a start and end titles to your movies, which would help you quickly make your podcast that little bit more professional looking.

Export options

As before export options are Flash, QuickTime (MOV), Windows Media (WMV), AVI, Standalone EXE and MS PowerPoint and an extra option now available to export it to MPEG4. This export option will allow files to be played on Apple devices such as iPad, iPhones and iPod. More exploring and investigating on these file formats is needed and how beneficial it would be for us in the environment we are working in.

More Feature of this version can be found here- BB Flashback Page