JISC RSC Northwest Events 2011

Date: 30th June 2011

Origami? What’s that got to do with Technologies and Learning!

Getting to grip with learning technologies in teaching can be a ‘fear’ factor for many teachers.
My approach to introducing and training staff to use these technologies in their teaching is approached from a lighter side. Using Origami with groups of staff to demonstrate the value of podcast technologies and delivering these podcasts to the their audience together with other MMU’s mega mashup learning technologies integrated into our VLE.
This presentation demonstrate some of the technologies mash-ups at MMU, finishing off with a demonstration of a very of quick scenario for our vision of the flexible and mobile solution we are aiming to deliver for our students.

Links of Interest

Slides on the day.

Links to photos

Nillan in action 1
Nillan in action 2
My ‘students’ doing a spot of origami
Naughty Nillan graffiti on the ‘wall’
Phil working hard and Nillan looking worried before the presentation.