MoodleMootUK11 end of conference.

A great MoodleMootUK11 conference. This morning attended couple of sessions on uni. of Helsinki experience of moving to Moodle. This uni has 4000staff and 35000student community. At one point they had 2 VLE’s running parallel.

The next session was on turnitins, a live demo.

My first experience of a MoodleMoot conference. Good to talk with sponsors, presenters and the audience. A very worthwhile conference for me. The Weather was gorgeous and company of my LRT colleagues made the event perfect.

Rumour has it that MoodleMootUK11 needs to be hosted somewhere else. Wonder if we should put our name down. That was the conversation that took place over a nice glass of beer late Monday night sitting outside with the LRT Team.

MoodleMootUK11 day 1

Day one of the MoodleMootUK11 has been very busy and rewarding. Delegates came from as far as Barcelona, Geneva, Dublin. Very large turnout. There were sponsors from campusM, echo360, Equella,adobe etc. The conference kick started with keynote speakers VC from uni London.
One of the quotes I wrote down ‘ it’s not about technology, it’s about what you do with the technology”

The next speaker was from Open UK. Making aware areas of needing new pedagogical approach to all these technology we have at our disposable.

Speaker pointed us to a youTube, unfortunately the link was not provided but you can search for “the machine is us/ing us” social media dynamic.

[update: here is the link The Machine is us/ing us ]
Rethinking learning for a Digital age and that new/next generation students are digitally immersed and also there are groups who are diverse and lack digital literacies. Many areas were addressed on social networking, sharing, practices and discussions, pedagogical focus and so on.

Other seminars during the day were on
From messy repository to quality interaction and engagement.

Mastering the Moodle workshop

Can Moodle do-it-all, assessment, SoW and lesson plan.

Teaching with Moodle: best practice in course designs this covered Do’s and Don’ts of Moodle course contents design.

Monitoring student progress and annotating assignment online
Couple of plugins for Moodle – uploadpdf and checklist worth checking out for our Moodle

A really productive and informative day at the conference.


Had a late night, around 11.45pm retired to my hotel bedroom. Noisy traffic outside so took me a while to get to sleep. Although my iPod helped.
Today is my first day at MoodleMootUK11. Have already booked couple of sessions.

First one is on Changing to Moodle with Do’s and Don’ts followed by Turnitin’s Moodle direct plugin-considerations for use.

Off to MoodleMootUK11 conference

Off to MoodleMootuk11 conference. On the 2.55 train to London. Dee is sitting opposite me in coach B. A little stuffy but comfortable. Train departed. Looking forward to meeting up with other LRT colleagues in the evening and networking with other Moodlers. (Moodlers, can we refer to a Moodle geek?).

Modern smart technology, who needs a notebook nowadays. This email is leisurely created using a text document on iPhone and will publish it in a moment.

Staffordshire University – Take 2

Date: 12th April 2011

Today we had a visit from three Staffordshire University Colleagues. Staffordshire University are looking into providing a desktop podcasting solution to their staff. Here at MMU we already have a solution in place. We hope that Julie, Sue and Abi managed to get all their questions answered from the LRT team. Thanks go to all my LRT colleagues for helping me out and making it a great discussion and knowledge sharingtransfer with Julie and co. on all sorts of areas. Apart from podcasting we discussed Equella, myMMU portal, Moodle, classroom technologies and more. Thanks to Nick S. for providing couple of slides on his experience of using podcast technology with his students. The stats were very interesting to us all.

The ‘oval’ table discussion taking place. Apologies for the quality of the pic.
Staffs Uni.




Feedback and appreciation from Julie

Many thanks for your – and the rest of the team’s! – time today. We really appreciated it and it has given us lots to think about for our project. We will certainly follow up on the links from your blog and the other documents there are available on your site. We may not be able to have quite such a slick system of integration as you have managed, as our infrastructure and skill set are not as comprehensive, but it has certainly shown us what can be achieved.

We gave a tour of our ‘green’ garden, growing radishes, spinach, lettuces, peas, and lot more, part of LRT Initiative to achieve a gold award next year. We already have a bronze and a silver.

Podcasting at MMU Tutorials

For past few weeks been busy creating tutorials on MMU podcasting resources and ‘how to’ podcast using these resources. In total I have created 13 podcasts. The total time to work through them is approx. 51min. Although if you skip the post production on how to edit your podcast tutorials in BB FlashBack screen capture software then the time to work through these tutorials go down to approx. 30min.

Here is the link to the tutorials – Podcast blogsite. On the site select the tab Podcasting@mmu.