Moodle Planning and Preparation

This morning a meeting took place with DV,MR and myself on preparing support resources for MMU new VLE – Moodle. A constructive meeting on what e-learning resources should be in place in the next few weeks. Lots of materials need to be created. Since Moodle is open source there’s plenty of documentation and learning material already out there for us to evaluate.

I’ve compiled a few URL that I visited that I think you may find useful as background reading to help you prepare for transition from WebCT.

Moodle links –


Moodle Guide for Beginners

Moodle Tool Guide for Teacher

Training Screencasts

Iowa State University

University of Bath

Moodle News

Update on Cheshire presentation

Spent most of the day at MMU Cheshire. Met many staff from the Dept. of Interdisciplinary. A really good turn out, 20 signed in pretty much the whole department attended the session. It was good to see the Head of the Department in the audience too. This session was organised by MH. Plenty of interest and lots if questions and discussion took place during my presentation.

A few comments from the feedback form:-

“Very informative, thank you very much”

” Looking forward to my podcast attempts, Thank you, integrated systems sounds great”

“Very useful and interesting”

“Very interesting, just enough details for an intro. Will definitely follow this up and use again, thank you”

“Very useful start – lots to now start exploring”

“Excellent session, very useful”

“Excellent, thank you”

“The session covered what it was billed to do. The presenter did a good job answering questions, by the end I knew how to to podcast”

The discussion even carried on in the cafe bar with some staff joining Dee and myself. ICTS staff also happened to spot us in the cafe and we had good chat with them too.

MH made us welcome, and made sure the everything was all in place for us. The lecture room was a great location for the first part of my presentation. After that we broke for a welcoming coffee break and then a hands-on taster session on podcasting. My observation of this session was of staff really enjoyed creating a very quick podcast. My aim here was for staff to appreciate how easy it is to create a podcast and use it as part of their teaching. I feel that staff appreciated this session that covered LRT current project involvement and future thing to come.
A special thanks to MH for inviting LRT to showcase these technology and making us feel welcome.
And not forgetting Dee for giving up his time and helping me out both in the presentation and in the hands on podcasting session, setting the equipment and playing a support role.

Looking forward to meeting staff of Interdisciplinary in the near future again.

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MMU Cheshire – Presentation on Learning Technologies.

7th September 2010.
Presenter – Nillan Fakira

The programme outline for the MMU Cheshire staff (Department of Interdisciplinary Studies)

10.00am – 10.05am

10.05am – 10.45am
MyMMU iPhone Apps
my.mmu portal
Talis Aspire

10.45am – 10.55am
Scenario 1 – The student Perspective
Scenario 2 – The academic Perspecti

10.55am -11.00am

Break and move to the Computer Lab

Podcast Resources
Hands-on Taster session on Podcasting


I welcome your comments on this blog, general comments, support, more info on any items on the agenda, if we can be of any further help.

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