Library Staff

A training session on podcasting was held for the library staff. This course was specially organised to facilitate the library plan to develop e-learning materials. Podcast technology would enable creations of materials for demonstration purposes covering the learning areas for the InfoSkills environment.

Campus ICTS Teaching Support Virtual Team

A session on podcast with the Campus ICTS Teaching support virtual team was very productive. The format of the training session included questions and answers session, end user support related information and a general overview of the process of podcast looking from the point of view of users wishing to create podcast, an area to host their podcast and means of delivering the podcast to the audience.

I’m hoping that this virtual team will form a two way communication assisting in support and information gathering creating a knowledge base that would help the end user. Any information relevant in support material and solutions to podcast problems or ‘how to’ can be directed to me and I would endeavour to place on the podcast blog.