Podcast Training Course at MMUBS

19th March was my first training workshop on podcast. After battling through number of obstacles from PC not working to getting the document printed, I finally manage to deliver the course. The course went well. There were some delegates who came from a background of using Camtasia Studio, couple of them were new to the technology but had a good idea as to where they wanted to apply this technology.

I started my presentation in the manner such that I wanted to podcast my presentation, explaining what I was doing as I was setting the equipment. I started the BB Flashback software, explaining all the Flashback steps I was presented with, until it reached the final options to click on record button. At this stage I clicked on the record button and started my presentation.

This method went down very well with the audience, before they started on the training guide, they were already familiar with steps that would be presented to them.

The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book

In 2009 I submitted details of couple projects I was involved in at MMUBS to Terry Freedman to consider using in is e-book he was compiling. The project book contains a huge list of projects that have been contributed from various schools, colleges and universities.

The Projects Book is now available to view and to download which has details of my project. You can use the search facility to jump to my submissions.

This has been a positive outcome since many submissions that had been received by Terry had to be declined.

The book is a fantastic insight of development, research and use of web2.0 technology currently been practice. Furthermore it shows that students from very early ages are introduced to and are familiar with these technologies before coming to us.

I’m also pleased to mention that my colleague in LRT – Dee Vyas has also had his submission accepted in this E-book.

You can view the book here.

Training session at MMUBS

For the past week been busy working on a training guide on podcasting. At the MMUBS RJ has orgainsed podcasting training for the staff. Some staff are using to update their last year elective podcast. Some staff are using this opportunity to learn about this technology.
The workshop is orgainsed for the 19th march. The continuing development in live environment has helped towards a better understanding in creating the learning materials.
Working with and on EP initiative in using podcasting as a form of assessement with her students has provided me with valuable data to help towards material creation.
Watch out for new innovation coming from other sites in use of this technology.