Installing MyMMU Mobile app on an Apple iPod / iPhone device is easy. Install using Apple App Store with the link below.

Get it in the App Store

Installing on iPhone/iPad (quick version)

Installation only takes a few moments, and can be done over the air from the Apple Apps Store. You will need to know your Apple ID username and password.

  1. Ensure you are online via a 3G or WiFi network.
  2. If you’re reading this on your iPhone/iPad, browse directly to the My MMU Mobile app on the App Store. Then skip to step 4.
  3. Otherwise:
    1. open up the App Store;
    2. hit Search;
    3. type “My MMU”;
    4. tap ‘My MMU Mobile’.
  4. You should see the My MMU Mobile app page with the MMU logo, saying that it is published by oMbiel Ltd.
  5. Press the blue button marked ‘FREE’.
  6. Type in your Apple iTunes username & password.
  7. You will see the app icon appear on one of your app screens with a progress download bar.
  8. Once the app is finished, touch the icon to launch My MMU Mobile.
  9. Now proceed to “Getting Started”.

If this quick guide didn’t help, try the full version below.

Installing on iPhone/iPad (full version):

There are some things you need to have to hand before you go ahead:

  • Firstly, make sure your iPhone or iPad is online using either 3G or WiFi.
  • Then make sure you have your MMU credentials to hand.
  • Make sure you know your Apple iTunes username and password.
  • To get the most out of the experience turn on locations in your iPhone or iPad, if you haven’t already the App will offer you the chance to do so with a couple of clicks, so don’t worry.

You should be able to select the App store applet on your iPhone, and enter ‘myMMU’ in the search field. The Apple Store should return a list of Apps that match or approximate mymmu. Hopefully, you should see our App right at the top of the search.

Alternatively, simply browse directly to the myMMU Mobile App on the App store.

Press the link to get more information and the normal Install button, press this button. As it usually does, the App Store will minimise and you should see a new ‘myMMU’ icon appear in the next available page and space in your Apps. Watch the loading bar – if all is going well it should slowly (or quickly – depends on your connection) fill up as the App downloads.

Once the App is ready, the loading bar will disappear and you should be able to press it to get it going. The first time you run the App it will probably prompt you for some services to be added; Locations allows the iPhone to feed information about your approximate location (by either GPS from satellite or your location within the nearest GPRS cell). The App uses the location information to tell you about MMU services that are nearest to your present position. Don’t worry if you don’t have this facility, you can still use other facilities of the App.

You will then need to register an account, a screen is presented requesting your name, email and a password for you to use if you ever need to re-login to the App. You must register with your mmu email address. You can chose any password you wish. [The email address will be used if you ever forget this password].

Then, you should drop right into the App, momentarily a blue splash screen will appear, and then the main screen of the App. You will be expected to enter your MMU credentials to connect to personalized services (like your Library Account) the first time the App delivers to you (or after you’ve changed your network password), this is normal behaviour!

We plan to release new versions of the App during the year, adding new features for you. Please check back with this page from time to time to find out more.

Accessing from other mobiles

The features described above are also available on any phone with a mobile web browser at The App is also available for Android and Blackberry smartphones. You can read more about getting going with the Web based version of myMMU mobile here.