When will we know the outcome of the Learning Technologies Review?

The ICT Strategy Group will be presented with options and a recommendation for its meeting at the end of January 2010. The outcome of its deliberations will be communicated in February 2010, and a detailed project will then be implemented to deliver its decision.

Who is on the ICT Strategy Group?

The ICT Strategy Group comprises: Services Director (Chair), DVC for Strategic Planning, Finance Director, HR Director, Registrar, PVC Enterprise and the Director of Learning and Research Information Services (Phil Range).

How will the options and recommendation be developed?

The DVC for the Student Experience is chairing a Steering Group for the activity supported by the Head of CeLT (Robert Ready) and the Director of Learning and Research Information Services (Phil Range). The activity to research and develop the options and recommendation is being led by the Head of Learning and Research Technology (Mark Stubbs) and CeLT’s Principal Lecturer in Learning Technologies (Neil Ringan) with support from CeLT and LRT colleagues and faculty e-champions. Data from inside MMU and from peer institutions and advisory bodies is being gathered before Christmas for synthesis into an options appraisal in January.

How can I contribute to the ICT Strategy Group decision?

You can talk to CeLT and LRT staff at the Learning Technologies Review roadshows taking place in the week beginning December 7, or drop an email to ltreview@mmu.ac.uk. All comments will be collated with those gained through focus groups and set in the context of detailed analysis of current usage and its links with student success. This research data and findings gained from outside will provide the evidence base for justifying recommendations presented to the ICT Strategy Group in January.

I’ve put a lot of time into WebCT, will that all be wasted now we’re moving to a new system?

Student focus groups, course reps and survey data confirm that effort invested in making materials available electronically has been well received by students, so your time has definitely not been wasted! Lessons learned about what works and what students value will be immediately transferable to the new system. Approaches for migrating files and other materials will be considered as part of the options appraisal, as will arrangements for training on the new system and associated staff development around e-pedagogy and digital literacy. These will help us maximise the to get the best out of the opportunityies a new system brings affords to rethinkreflect on and develop our academic practice. Your input on these matters is encouraged through the roadshows and the ltreview@mmu.ac.uk email.