In March 2009, the Information and Communications Technology Strategy Group (ICTSG) within MMU approved a proposal from the Director of Learning and Research Information Services (LRIS) for a review of MMU’s learning technologies. A project steering group was established chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for the Student Experience with support from the Director of LRIS and the Head of the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CeLT). The Head of Learning and Research Technologies and CeLT’s Principal Lecturer in Learning Technologies were asked to lead the project to present options for new technologies and associated support and migration arrangements to ICTSG colleagues by January 2010.

A scoping workshop, facilitated by the Head of the Business Improvement Team, identified key components of the new Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework that the review should facilitate and highlighted the need for models of learners and teachers over the next 5 years which the technology should aim to support. Reflection on the initial scope revealed a critical interdependence between learning technologies and curriculum innovation, with investment in staff and students central to both:
Interdependence of Learning Technologies and Curriculum Innovation
Further work and critical input from the steering group refined the scope of the review to focus on technology decisions required for January 2010, and those needing more time. In January, options will therefore be presented for VLE and podcasting; classroom technologies; e-Assessment; e-Porfolio / e-PDP; information, advice and guidance; and engagement tracking. Option appraisal will be informed by an audit of current provision and use; staff and student aspirations collected through focus groups and open road-shows at each site; research into possible solutions and advice from sector experts, such as JISC and Gartner. The pages on this site will present the data collected, and amplify opportunities for staff and students to engage with the review.

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