Integration Requirements for a new VLE

Consultation for MMU’s learning technologies review has highlighted opportunities for improving the student experience through tighter integration between institutional systems.

The diagram below is an attempt to summarise some of the key integration points and information flows for delivering an improved online learning environment

System integrations and data flows for a joined-up learning environment

When thinking about the value of this kind of integration for an institution like MMU,  it is useful to remember that 5% of MMU’s current VLE courses have over 250 students on them and more than 30 course areas have over 800 students actively participating.

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  2. Robin says:

    Wouldn’t this be nice?
    My only observation is that communication with students groups is only via VLE and hence only via whole units. Typically I need to communicate to either a single tutorial group, or a sub-group of a tutorial group (arising from an assignment or tutorial activity). I would also like the option of communicating via email as I sometimes need a response from the students.

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