Careers and Employability Service

Katie Kilburn of the Careers and Employability Service approached the LRT team concerned that email sent to the All Student mailing list were not being seen as the All Student RSS feed only displays the last 5 items. In conversion with Katie she mentioned a site that has all the information they would like the students to see. Marketing and Communications provided a RSS feed to the site and we were able to provide a RRS feed on MyMMU messages page

WebCt and MMUB MBA students

The MBS students reported having problems accessing their web CT units in the MYMMU portal and the course administrator asked if the LRT team could help.
The course administrator give me two IDs as examples of students who were having problems. I checked both IDs in QLS and in webct and both IDs were enrolled and had the right units both in QLS and webct. But as the course started in March 2009 the webct units are in fact mapped as 2008/9 units not 2009/10. This mapping suggested the problem was the units were being hidden as last year’s units in webct and the portal
In conjunction with the course administrator one of the MBA students give permission for me to change his password and log in to the system as him. Logging in as the student the units were indeed hidden as last years unit but clicking on the Previous Years unit link they were displayed.
In conjunction with the course administrator a short help email was written informing students that clicking the Previous Years Link will make their units visible. The course administrator emailed the students concerned and all the students were able to access their units.

Adding new webpart zone to the top of the site

We wished to display the new unit survey web part above the normal Welcome message, but as standard it lacked a web part zone in the right place. So we needed to add a new web part zone

This needed to be added below My and above Page contents.

Open the site in designer and use the admin account and password. Select _catalogs

Check out the file

you need to take care that the web part is not inserted into the page contents part as this causes fun

When you are happy save it as a minor version and check how it looks. If everything is OK publish as a major version. You will need to authorise the change as well