MY MMU usage over the Christmas Holidays 2010

Graph Showing usage over Christmas 2010

As you can see My MMU was continued to be used over the Christmas break, this year we had 1095 unique users on Christmas day an increase of 188 on last year. Comparing this year’s Christmas break with last years the portal usage increased on average by 28%. Last Year December 29th was the most popular with 2424 users, this year January 2nd had 3301 users.

My MMU Re-branding

For the last few weeks we have looking at a re-branding exercise for the My MMU portal. The current design is a standard Sharepoint web part site that while the students say the like the content but hate the design
So we set up a working party with representatives from
New Media and marketing
Students Union
And of course the LRT team
We asked 5 companies to take part in the process and after looking at their suggested designs we asked Novtronix Ltd to design our new site. You can find them at
After an initial meeting they offered their first take on the design, if was apparent that we are content driven and Novtronix are less so. After sending them our comments including a mock up Sharepoint site Novotronix have come up with the goods. A Strong but simple visual design allied with our contentFor a quick preview on how it will look have a look the jpeg

Home page

Who Uses The MyMMU Portal

Over the weekend I had a quick look at our user base and see who uses the portal the most.

Of our top five users the gender split was 3 females and 2 males and we have 4 undergrads and one postgrad. With the undergrads having one first year, two second years and one year three.

Our Top 5 are

Combined Honours Biology/Forensic Science year 3 66 pages a day

Leisure Management year 1 54 pages a day

International fashion management year 2 52 pages a day

Criminology year 2 51 pages a day

Msc Biomedical Science 43 pages a day

It would be interesting to see if there is a link with use and sucuess

Use of Microsoft’s Log Parser to parse IIS files

Been looking at Microsoft’s Log parser program to parse the IIS log files associated with our Sharepoint portal. Its an excellent tool very easy to use. Below is an example where I wanted the ID and date users have logged into the portal, but I was not concerned with multiple log-ins per day

the command is logparser -o:CSV i:IISW3C “SELECT DISTINCT cs-username,date INTO Finename.csv FROM wildcard.log WHERE cs-username<>NULL”

the -o:CSV means the outpit file format is CSV

-i:IISW3 is theoinput file in extended IIS format

date of course is the date and cs-username is the id of the person logging in

and you can use wildcards for the names of the log files you want to parse so for example e*.log will parse all the file that start with e and have the suffix log

MyMMU Usage over the Christmas Holidays

I was interested to see how the usage of My MMU the student/staff portal held up over the Christmas break. As you would expect there was a a reduction from the average of 8,000 distinct users during term time to a high of just over 3,100. Christmas day had the lowest usage of 909 logins, usage has grown up to 3109 on Sunday 3rd January 2010

My MMU Usage
My MMU Usage

Careers and Employability Service

Katie Kilburn of the Careers and Employability Service approached the LRT team concerned that email sent to the All Student mailing list were not being seen as the All Student RSS feed only displays the last 5 items. In conversion with Katie she mentioned a site that has all the information they would like the students to see. Marketing and Communications provided a RSS feed to the site and we were able to provide a RRS feed on MyMMU messages page

Adding new webpart zone to the top of the site

We wished to display the new unit survey web part above the normal Welcome message, but as standard it lacked a web part zone in the right place. So we needed to add a new web part zone

This needed to be added below My and above Page contents.

Open the site in designer and use the admin account and password. Select _catalogs

Check out the file

you need to take care that the web part is not inserted into the page contents part as this causes fun

When you are happy save it as a minor version and check how it looks. If everything is OK publish as a major version. You will need to authorise the change as well