My MMU Re-branding

For the last few weeks we have looking at a re-branding exercise for the My MMU portal. The current design is a standard Sharepoint web part site that while the students say the like the content but hate the design
So we set up a working party with representatives from
New Media and marketing
Students Union
And of course the LRT team
We asked 5 companies to take part in the process and after looking at their suggested designs we asked Novtronix Ltd to design our new site. You can find them at
After an initial meeting they offered their first take on the design, if was apparent that we are content driven and Novtronix are less so. After sending them our comments including a mock up Sharepoint site Novotronix have come up with the goods. A Strong but simple visual design allied with our contentFor a quick preview on how it will look have a look the jpeg

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