Use of Microsoft’s Log Parser to parse IIS files

Been looking at Microsoft’s Log parser program to parse the IIS log files associated with our Sharepoint portal. Its an excellent tool very easy to use. Below is an example where I wanted the ID and date users have logged into the portal, but I was not concerned with multiple log-ins per day

the command is logparser -o:CSV i:IISW3C “SELECT DISTINCT cs-username,date INTO Finename.csv FROM wildcard.log WHERE cs-username<>NULL”

the -o:CSV means the outpit file format is CSV

-i:IISW3 is theoinput file in extended IIS format

date of course is the date and cs-username is the id of the person logging in

and you can use wildcards for the names of the log files you want to parse so for example e*.log will parse all the file that start with e and have the suffix log

What can Live@edu offer MMU?

Live@edu CBS3M7G3P32Q
This is a web based email system offered by Microsoft to the education community. For a very Microsoft view on what they offer it’s worth going to, but as a quick overview this is what we are offering our students
• 10 GB Mail area
• 25 GB Skydrive (an online storage solution)
• Calendaring
• Contacts
• Office Live
• Ties in very well to smart phones be they Iphones or windows based ones

For how its been used please see

I believe the strength of this tool is not the email but the other tools such as SkyDrive, Bloggs and Office Live. In this Blog I will just address what can be done with Office live and will return to the other tools at a later date

The OfficeLIve tool allows students to use templates that can act as aids. Below is just an example of some of the templates available

Class Workspace
Improve your grades using a contact list, date list, class notes, essay outline, and syllabus.

Essay Workspace
Manage your term paper or thesis with a term paper outline, thesis template, milestone list, and more.

Event Workspace
Plan a successful event with an invitation, flyer, agenda, attendee list, to-do list, and more.

Household Workspace
Share a to-do list, contact list, grocery list, and more with family members or housemates.

Job Search Workspace
Organize your job search using an interview schedule, preparation notes, cover letter, resume template, and more.

Meeting Workspace
Improve productivity using meeting notes, minutes archive, attendee list, and a to-do list.

Project Workspace
Manage your project with a schedule, participant list, presentation template, to-do list, and more.

School Workspace
Organize your school information using a semester schedule, contact list, and more.

Sports Team Workspace
Share a team roster, season schedule, snack schedule, and more with players, parents, and fans.

Study Group Workspace
Manage your study group using meeting notes, an event list, a report template, and more.

Travel Workspace
Manage your business trip or vacation using a packing list, trip itinerary, checklist, and more.

As you can see the templates cover useful and and it must be said some not so useful. But its ability to allow collaboration ties everything together. Students and staff can share Work-spaces with named individuals invited by email. So for example say a group was undertaking a group assignment they could use the assignment template and a workspace dedicated to that assignment. Set dead lines, and other milestones allowing all of them to work in the same area see how the differing parts are progressing. Peer pressure would make ensure the work was being done as all the group could see all the files as students would not be able to say yes its coming along!


National Student Survey

Rachel McAlpine the Quality Enhancement Officer from Centre for Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement (CASQE) asked if we could put a link on the front page of to the National Student Survey. To avoid the Twitter page being sent down the page we added a Content web part on the same level as the Twitter web part. To jazz up the link we used a graphic from the NSS site

National Student Survey
National Student Survey

MyMMU Usage over the Christmas Holidays

I was interested to see how the usage of My MMU the student/staff portal held up over the Christmas break. As you would expect there was a a reduction from the average of 8,000 distinct users during term time to a high of just over 3,100. Christmas day had the lowest usage of 909 logins, usage has grown up to 3109 on Sunday 3rd January 2010

My MMU Usage
My MMU Usage