Sway is a presentation program from Microsoft. Sway allows users to combine text and media to create a presentable website. Users can pull content locally from the device in use, or from Internet sources such as Bing, OneDrive, YouTube, and Facebook.

To view the features of Sway, check out the Youtube videos: Sway

  • A number of features include:
  • Ability to have more than one author
  • Share on any device
  • Insert content from a number of sources: Youtube, Flickr, OneDrive or Upload from a specific location

Faye Bruce, Health Profession Lecturer. Meeting discussing the SkyDrive as a student resource – 30/09

I met with Faye Bruce, lecturer Health Professions to demonstrate the use of SkyDrive to store files. The students are undertaking a work based learning Foundation degree Health and Social Care. These students are of campus most of the week and some only attend 1 day. We decided to look at how we could begin to develop e-portfolios as opposed to asking students to come in often with heavy bulky files. Faye wanted a platform where staff could see the work that the students were adding to folders so that we could provide on-going feedback. Faye asked me to demonstrate to undergraduates how to access their SkyDrive’s, upload folders and use the MS Office WebApps applications.

SkyDrive demonstration 6th October John Dalton A presentation to the undergraduates on the Foundation degree course was carried out by Nillan and I to demonstrate how to access the SkyDrive, create folders and upload files. The ability to access the SkyDrive and save files without the need for MS Office to be installed on a computer was highlighted as students are off-campus most of the time.

Use of the SkyDrive for storage of Professional and Personal Portfolio – Nursing

Guy Gambhir was intereted in developing the use of the SkyDrive as as a resource for students where they could store their portfolio for the Nursing course. She was unaware of the capabilities of the Skydrive in sharing, storing and updating resources. Guy explained that:

The student portfolio is to be maintained online and which can be downloaded onto a CD prior to completion in third year. The Portfolio is a requirement of all nurses working under the membership of the NMC. The portfolio forms part of their course and shows evidence of their development professionally and personally. It forms part of the student journey and can be seen by the NMC when requested.

SkyDrive demonstration 5th October Elizabeth Gaskell

A demonstration of the use of the SkyDrive to create folders, upload documents and share folders was carried out in OB304 to undergraduates studying the BSc(Hons) Pre-registration Nursing course. The aim of the Skydrive resource to ensure that students are aware of these capabilities of using this resource. Podcasts created by Nillan are available to reinforce the demonstration and accessible when students log into the my.mmu portal. I outlined the fact that this is a resource which students will have access to when they graduate.

Developing your Personal and Professional Portfolio

Skydrive Demonstration

Presentation to final year students for the course – Developing a Digital Business with Dave Tucker, on how to use and submit student final year digital assignments using the Skydrive. Students can use the skydrive to submit their multimedia assignment. The assignments will be created using MovieMaker with a maximum length of 5 mins.

The students can then share a link with the relevant tutor to access this folder.

I also highlighted that the Skydrive part of the Liveedu package could be used by students whenever, wherever required with internet access. Office Web apps could be used to create lite versions of Word, PPoint and Excel documents.

DT highlighted that the Skydrive could be used to submit their CVs and other information to possible emplyers. A set of instructions highlighting the use of Skydrive was uploaded onto the relevant area of WebCT.