IPad, iPhone and iPod Apps in Speech and Language Therapy

The Students were from the from the SPT2 and PSP3 courses. The latter group are studying Speech therapy and Psychology as a joint degree. The first group are just studying Speech therapy. They are both at the same level on the course.

The students presenting the session are studying the second year Speech and Language Therapy course and are called Hannah Goldenberg and Andrew Ryder. The practical part of the course involves going on clinical placements in the NHS with practising Speech and Language therapists. Both Hannah and Andrew have seen the iPad and apps being used frequently while they were on their clinical placements – (see below)

iPad, iPhone and iPods


Hannah and Andrew preparing for their iPad session and presenting a number of apps which could be used in the student teaching and learning.


I was involved in setting up the session using the iPad to showcase on the large screen, provide any technical help and also advice on how the iPad or technology could be incorporated in their placements. It was an interesting example of how students could showcase, encourage the use of technology within their working and learning environment. Fellow students could review the work currently being carried out using technology in the SPT working environment and thereby reviw posibly their own use of technology.


Art and Design Meeting 09/06

The senior VP of Education Apple was quoted as saying that the iPad will have the same effect on education as the iPod had on music. IoE are working with a school in Bolton to develop apps for the Ipad, Computing & Maths are exploring their use as well as Digital Media. It would be interesting to evaluate the product.

Talked to Neil Ashdown about Live@edu and its use for collaborative work with students.

CeLT will not be running global workshops on Moodle but rather SLTFs will be at the head of development and implementation. Who will provide basic training for Moodle? Moodle needs to be functional and attractive according to Paul Bason, unlike the current VLE.

Computing and Maths are currently developing apps for the iPod and Android phone. They hope to develop apps also for the iPad in the future.