Swoodle is a collaborative tool available on iOs which enables the user to share online content via Dropbox, Google Drive or Box for annotation.

Swoodle features:

  • Call
  • Chat
  • Upload, annotate and save files of different format
  • Doodle
  • Upload a image
  • Camera

It is possible to collaborate with invited friends using your contacts.

Collaborating on a File

Open the file in Swoodle and invite users to collaborate. Annotate the file (.doc, .pptx, .pdf) and save to the same location as uploaded from. Dependent upon the type of file it is possible to insert highlights, additional text, drawings and then save on all folders of collaborators or just the person who shared the file. It is possible to integrate Chat, Camera and Sound options whilst working on a Word document. Highlights on the document are saved. The file must be unlocked by the owner for joint collaboration and to allow the student to save a copy.