Swivl (MMU)

Swivl provides a means of capturing a number of scenarios using a simple technology.  At the MMU it has been  used for:

  •  guest speakers
  • lectures
  • assessment
  • student interviews
  • training sessions and student presentation practice

Swivl comprises of a base, a marker, a recording device and Bluetooth connectivity.  The recording device can be an iPad, phone or camera.  Bluetooth connectivity between the device and the base ensures Swivl follows you as you move around a teaching environment. Mount the device onto the base using a suitable connector and use the marker to record your event.

A training guide is available at:

I am a member of the Swivl Video Pioneers program and aim to be involved in the development of the future developments incorporating Swivl.

Lime (MMU)

Lime by Vipaar

Lime provides the opportunity to interact online using beyond the normal; video chat. It is now possible to collaborate over video using three unique rules:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Give help
  • Receive Help

The process of using augmented reality allows you to reach into a colleagues  video image in real-time to collaborate