Engaging students using Interactive Classroom Technology (17/07/2012)

Sports Science Management staff at MMUBS requested an interactive session to learn about a number of technologies which could be used within their teaching environment. THe technologies covered were:

  • Splashtop Whiteboard
  • PaperShow
  • TextWall
  • Educreations

Staff were allowed to use these technlogies and discuss their potential use within their own teaching environment generating an inteesting discussion. Feedback obtained from them at the end of the session is shown below:

Engaging students without the need for an IWB

Engaging students without the need for an IWB

This workshop was aimed at showcasing staff the use of iPad apps and other technologies to engage with staff and students without using the IWB. The IWB has been an integral installation within the classroom but has been used sparingly within the teaching environment. The workshop enabled attendees to review and trial technologies which did not need a IWB thereby reducing overhead costs and allowing portability, interaction within their environment.

Engaging students without the need for an IWB feedback

LT Workshop proforma