Classroom Technologies

Melanie Fasciato, lecturer D&T asked me to present a session to PGCE Secondary trainees teaching food and textiles and resistant materials and electronics. The session would be based on the use of Classroom technologies within their L&T environment. The aim to showcase a number of technologies which are currently available within the institute could be used within their L&T environment. The session was based on showcasing the following technologies:

• Podcasting
• Paper Show
• mbclick
• iPad/iPhone/Android
• TextWall

PowerPoint Slides for Session

I asked students to review/ask questions by means of using the TextWall to determine their viewpoint of the session. Feedback included:

“inspiring” “the session was excellent! Think ahead to the future” “Food for thought”

Using the TextWall and mbclick allowed students to engage using their mobile devices/ laptops/SMS to vote and post comments and questions.