mbclick – Mobile Phone-based Classroom Response System

I arranged a visit to meet Geoff Rubner, Senior Teaching Fellow in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (20/03) to review the mblcik electronic voting system currently being used at the University of Manchester. The MMU has been using LRS in a variety of formats, Promethean, Turning Point, and Poll everywhere to engage student feedback. MU have developed mbclick to students and provide instant feedback – see below:

mbclick is a new electronic voting system that emphasizes the return of individual feedback explaining why their response to a particular question was correct, or not. It uses students’ own mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, ipads/ipods, etc, basically anything that connects to the net. It is web-based, thereby removing the need to install any dedicated application software to make it work. It is easy to learn and use, and integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint. mbclick does away with the need to purchase and distribute traditional handheld clickers, freeing the institution and the teacher from the associated overheads. The system has been successfully piloted and tested at the University of Manchester.




In the pictures above Geoff explains that students will be using mbclick. A question is asked within a set time. The software enables the tutor to view how many students have logged into mbclick and how many have voted. Once voting has been completed the results are showcased graphically to student. Feedback is provided to students who answered incorrectly via their mobile devices. Feedback is optional, but can be anything the teacher wants, from basic text explanations to links to other materials, including activities on the Institution’s VLE.

Some teachers see it as a formative assessment tool, where the questions are interspersed within a lecture, others use it for exam preparation, where the whole lecture is run as a quiz session, etc. It is then possible for further analysis to be carried out by the tutor regarding the question and answers received. Geoff has published a paper on mbclick which was presented at ED-MEDIA 2011.

IPad, iPhone and iPod Apps in Speech and Language Therapy

The Students were from the from the SPT2 and PSP3 courses. The latter group are studying Speech therapy and Psychology as a joint degree. The first group are just studying Speech therapy. They are both at the same level on the course.

The students presenting the session are studying the second year Speech and Language Therapy course and are called Hannah Goldenberg and Andrew Ryder. The practical part of the course involves going on clinical placements in the NHS with practising Speech and Language therapists. Both Hannah and Andrew have seen the iPad and apps being used frequently while they were on their clinical placements – (see below)

iPad, iPhone and iPods


Hannah and Andrew preparing for their iPad session and presenting a number of apps which could be used in the student teaching and learning.


I was involved in setting up the session using the iPad to showcase on the large screen, provide any technical help and also advice on how the iPad or technology could be incorporated in their placements. It was an interesting example of how students could showcase, encourage the use of technology within their working and learning environment. Fellow students could review the work currently being carried out using technology in the SPT working environment and thereby reviw posibly their own use of technology.