NSS Implementation – MMUBS

As part of the IT requirements for MMUBS was a need to implement a solution which would enable staff to be able to control PCs in an IT lab.

As an IST Officer at Didsbury I had used Netschool previously and had no software issues or hardware problems. I compared other control systems such as LAN School against NSS and was able to determine that for cost, functionality and expertise currently at the university NSS would provide a solution.

With the aid of AW, IST Hollings (Thank you very much) I was able to arrange a demonstration to a number of MMUBS staff on NSS. MS, RJ, JH,JP,CD and IF attended this session on the 24/11 where the functionality of NSS was showcased. A number of issues were raised and I would be able to address these by means of a test network being setup. The major issues were:

  • Would NSS work with specialist MMUBS software e.g. SAGE?
  • Could NSS be used to control more than one IT lab?
  • Would NSS function over a Wi-Fi network?

Overall the session was a success and positive feedback as obtained. Working with IST Didsbury, RB (Thank you for all your hard work) a network comprising of a number of PCs and laptops was setup with NSS and MMUBS software installed on it. There were no software conflicts with the MMUBs software. I was informed by IST that it would be possible to configure NSS to control more than one lab and this could be carried out by means of policies which Deployment solutions could assist with. The Wi-Fi option did not work and this was due to the Comms port which was blocked. Network solutions could assist in opening the port.

As a follow up to this session NSS were able to organise a webinar with MMUBS staff. It was possible for additional questions to be asked and to review the software to ensure suitability. The feedback obtained from staff was positive and the future implementation of this project involving IST, Deployment Solutions, MMUBS staff and LRT could be could begin.

Classroom Technologies – Brown Bag Session (Gaskell)

Brown Bag session for Nursing Care staff carried out at EG on 13/12 shocasing a number of classroom technologies which could be used in the T&L environment

  • Podcasting (using a Bluetooth device)
  • Paper Show (Paper-based interactive whiteboard)
  • Twitter
  • iPad + apps

A number of staff were interested in the use of the technologies. It was an interesting session to showcase the tech providing a stimuli for academic staff to engage and determine where they could use the tech withinh their current practice. By the end of the session a positive engagment had been developed. The use of the technology on a trial basis to review and utilise was begining to take place with specific examples of where it could be used, as listed below:

I am particularly interested in the Podcasting for lecture use to support my moodle resources for my unit. The paper show, I would like to trial to see if it supports students to embrace PBL , a teaching strategy that I use for my unit, more fully. Now that you have shown me how to use the Twitterfeed CONCURRENTLY with FireFox –I am going to trial that in my lectures. Ipads and Apps – they could be utilised within ANY of our A&P sessions within the 1st and 2nd Year. From a 3rd year perspective – I would like to try some Medicine Administration apps – I’ll need to look for them but they would be good for “Chalk & Talk” sessions if there was a stylus provided. – Ann-Marie Borneuf

I would definitely like to give the bluetooth microphone a trial when I do my Unit’s assignment brief – I can then upload it to Moodle, since I get frequent email requsets at later dates (usually nearer the assignment) to email back assignment – Jon Clough

Having talked to Julie Wright and Kathryn Heathcote concerning classroom technologies also they werevery positive what areas they could use some of the above technologies in. They will be investigating which courses/students is appropriate with which software and carryong out a test pilot of using the technology in the new year. I will advise on how to setup and use.