IPad AirSketch Free

A method of displaying what is on an iPhone or IPad onto another screen and if available onto a big screen by means of a breakout plate.

1. Run AirSketch

2. Click on the icon for WiFi located on the bottom left of the screen

3. Type in the IP number and port displayed e.g. http:\149.17012.80:8080 onto the machine which you will project onto.

This will connect the presenter’s machine to the receivers screen.

Faye Bruce, Health Profession Lecturer. Meeting discussing the SkyDrive as a student resource – 30/09

I met with Faye Bruce, lecturer Health Professions to demonstrate the use of SkyDrive to store files. The students are undertaking a work based learning Foundation degree Health and Social Care. These students are of campus most of the week and some only attend 1 day. We decided to look at how we could begin to develop e-portfolios as opposed to asking students to come in often with heavy bulky files. Faye wanted a platform where staff could see the work that the students were adding to folders so that we could provide on-going feedback. Faye asked me to demonstrate to undergraduates how to access their SkyDrive’s, upload folders and use the MS Office WebApps applications.

SkyDrive demonstration 6th October John Dalton A presentation to the undergraduates on the Foundation degree course was carried out by Nillan and I to demonstrate how to access the SkyDrive, create folders and upload files. The ability to access the SkyDrive and save files without the need for MS Office to be installed on a computer was highlighted as students are off-campus most of the time.