Use of the SkyDrive for storage of Professional and Personal Portfolio – Nursing

Guy Gambhir was intereted in developing the use of the SkyDrive as as a resource for students where they could store their portfolio for the Nursing course. She was unaware of the capabilities of the Skydrive in sharing, storing and updating resources. Guy explained that:

The student portfolio is to be maintained online and which can be downloaded onto a CD prior to completion in third year. The Portfolio is a requirement of all nurses working under the membership of the NMC. The portfolio forms part of their course and shows evidence of their development professionally and personally. It forms part of the student journey and can be seen by the NMC when requested.

SkyDrive demonstration 5th October Elizabeth Gaskell

A demonstration of the use of the SkyDrive to create folders, upload documents and share folders was carried out in OB304 to undergraduates studying the BSc(Hons) Pre-registration Nursing course. The aim of the Skydrive resource to ensure that students are aware of these capabilities of using this resource. Podcasts created by Nillan are available to reinforce the demonstration and accessible when students log into the my.mmu portal. I outlined the fact that this is a resource which students will have access to when they graduate.

Developing your Personal and Professional Portfolio