Equality Forum – Use of technology to promote meetings and improve membership

‘The equality forums at MMU are open to all staff, but are always trying to find ways to promote the meetings and improve membership. There is also the issue of only having one official meeting per academic term. Therefore each forum is keen to find an easy and effective method to allow members to stay in touch between meetings and access important or relevant information to that particular forum. This may be events going on at the University or locally, or working in a consultative way with the Equality and Diversity team on equality impact assessing University policies. The Gender Staff Forum have taken
it upon themselves to look into this and after consulting experts within the University have decided they would like to try using a Wiki. This would allow members to communicate with each other at any time and keep a history of all topics discussed, as well as uploading relevant links/documents to that particular forum and alerting members to events going on. The ability to raise and discuss issues/topics means forum meetings could be more focussed and discuss things relevant to its members. It would also be an initial information page for staff who want to find out more about how the forums work and their achievements within the University.’