Totally awesome!
Have told the students today about the Sky Drive – totally “gob-smacked” – didn’t know anything about it, as usual.
Perhaps a document related to it should go out to new and prospective students in the initial information pack.

Quoted by James Garvey, Senior Lecturer, Pre-Nursing Registration

StepUp Program

The visit to Churchill College, Cambridge was to showcase Live@edu, OneNote and ensure that studenst could log int the MM network. The students on the StepUp program aim is to become Social workers on a 18-month distance learning program. As part of the need to develop their IT skills OneNote will be used as a portfolio tool, Live@edu as a collaborative tool for students. The aim to make these tools an integral part of their IT skills.

Meeting with Declan, Jacqui and James G at Gaskell

Thank you for your time today it was a really useful meeting. In summary we have discussed the possibility of using pod-casting as a way of delivering feedback or delivering some sessions in the future. We also discussed the possibility of using other technology such as Hot Potatoes or the mobile phone applications to enhance our teaching practice.
The use of a programme development blog would also be of interest to me so that we can invite external people in to see what we are doing and contribute to the discussions. If you can let me have the details of how I do this I would be really grateful.

I am arranging a staff development week (week commencing 6th dec) and would be really grateful if you could help us with a 2hr session on the 8th 2-4pm where we could perhaps explore some of the technology we have discussed today and give the team some examples of how it could be used?
I look forward to working with you and hopefully finding some practical ways we can reduce the workload of the team and enhance the student experience.

Meeting with James Garvey

JG, DR ad Jacqui Gladwin are looking into using podcasting as a form off feedback for assessment. Another meeting is arranged for Thursday 9th to discuss the requirements.

JG wishes to join the Moodle User Group, advised him to email Neil Ringan. He enquired about how the training will be carried out for such a large base.

Hot Potatoes – This can be used as a tool to reinforce the curriculum. As it is possible to create quizzess and crosswords using HP, these tools can be used with students during the lectures to reinforce the learning process.

SCVNGR – a popular mobile social gaming platform all about going places, doing challenges and earning points. This may be used by Pre-Nursing Reg as a means of students learning about their peers on induction week.

DimDim – online collaboration to arrange meetings. Can be integrated into Moodle as many of the features I am now showcasing. These are part of the Moodle 1.9 Multimedia aspect of Moodle. We browser based allowing the ability for collaboration, sharing docs, whiteboards and vidoe, voice conferencing.