Scriblink is a free digital whiteboard that users can share online in real-time. Sorta like pen and paper, minus the dead trees, plastic, and the inconvenience of being at the same place at the same time.

We are all about collaboration. Whether you’re here for fun or more practical things like layout planning, concept diagramming, or tutoring a friend in math, Scriblink brings you the power of free hand expression with anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world –

Declan O’Reilly – Moodle Viewpoint

Yes thanks, yesterdays session was really useful.Thanks a lot for making the time to come and see me. From what I have seen so far it seems a lot more straightforward than web-CT and has more features. Particularly like the way it handles video and chat rooms. I am going to try and familiarise myself more with the system over the summer so will let you know if I encounter any problems

Cheers and thanks again

Free Teleprompter application

Simple is the key to Prompt! as it scrolls text, either mirrored or not and has simple word processing functions (like cut, copy, paste and whatever you decide to type from within the program). Text can be imported and exported to and from the application in the standard .txt format as well as saved with a native Prompt! .pmt format.