Art and Design Meeting 09/06

The senior VP of Education Apple was quoted as saying that the iPad will have the same effect on education as the iPod had on music. IoE are working with a school in Bolton to develop apps for the Ipad, Computing & Maths are exploring their use as well as Digital Media. It would be interesting to evaluate the product.

Talked to Neil Ashdown about Live@edu and its use for collaborative work with students.

CeLT will not be running global workshops on Moodle but rather SLTFs will be at the head of development and implementation. Who will provide basic training for Moodle? Moodle needs to be functional and attractive according to Paul Bason, unlike the current VLE.

Computing and Maths are currently developing apps for the iPod and Android phone. They hope to develop apps also for the iPad in the future.

Meeting with Tony Picot 02/06/10

I showcased Live@edu as a collaboration tool for Tony as he may wish to use it to share respources with students in his Technology in Language Learning course.

He had not heard of Live@edu and its capablilities. Tony will discuss with colleagues to determine the possible uses of Live@edu. Informed him that student/staff collaboration is a part of Live@edu and allows the sharing of different types of files, work on projects, assignments etc.

Tony was not aware that students already have all the Live@edu tools as part of their login process.

MS explained that the difference between Moodle and Live@edu was that Live@edu allows students to determine access rights what they want to upload whereas Moodle is an institutional tool with limited access to students.

Meeting with Jayne Evans, Library Manager, Didsbury

Social media forms an integral part of the student and staff experience both within the university environment and in their private lives.

The presentation will begin with the a brief introduction to LRT

What is social media?

The tools of Live@Edu. Staff will be able to create their own live account to use with Live@edu
b. Examples of Live@edu within a Library context if possible.
c. Explain blogs, skydrive, spaces

Educational networking
a. What is social networking
b. MMU use of Facebook – MMU Special Collections

Podcasting – a simplified overview
a. The use of podcasting at the MMU examples
b. Creating podcasts both audio and video-based

a. What is Moodle
b. Why we are using Moodle
c. MMU example of Moodle
d. Examples of Moodle – Library-based

The presentation is to carried out for Library staff, all examples of the use of technology require to be library-orientated. Where possible hands-on experience of using the different types of technology is required.