Meeting with Conway Mothobi 26/05

The Dennis Meredith Lecture (“Explaining research: new tricks for new media” ) is to be held at the MMU on 9th June at 4:00pm.

Who is Dennis Meredith?

“Your career success doesn’t just depend on doing good work. You must also explain that work to important audiences: your colleagues, funding officers, donors, your institution’s leaders, students, your own family and friends, journalists and the public.

Dennis Meredith will offer invaluable tips on using new-media technologies to engage those audiences in a clear and compelling way.” Institute of Physics

Dennis Meredith has served as a science communicator at leading research universities, including MIT, Caltech, Cornell, Duke and the University of Wisconsin. He has worked with science journalists at all the US’s major newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV networks and has written well over a thousand news releases and magazine articles on science and engineering over a four-decade career. Among his achievements, he was a creator and developer of EurekAlert!, helping to establish that international research news service that links thousands journalists to news from hundreds of research institutions.

As such effective communication skills are vital to our enterprise, I have made arrangements to have a live screening of this free webinar (web seminar/online lecture) in C0.14. The lecture theatre is booked beyond the duration of the webinar ie till however long it takes to allow colleagues to discuss and share knowledge on how we may adopt some of the “tricks”, what resources we need etc. This comes at a most opportune time as some of the advice will prove helpful in the following week’s activities ie UUK.

As part of this process Conway wishes to use Twitter as a backchannel tool. AS part of the process a hashtag was also required which would enable colleagues to follow the conference. Conway decided to use the tag #MMUMeredith.

The lecture will be held in C01 which seats approx 20 people. Approx. 40 lapttops will be avaialbe for tweetig. Tweets will be displayed on one of the two big screens in the lecture theatre. The audience will consist of lecturers and researchers.

Informed CM that he ensures delegates have Twitter accounts before lecture. He also wants to be able to share pictures, create a discussion group as a follow-up to the lecture. CM wishes to setup a presentation for interested colleagues using Live@edu.

One of the aims is to record the lecture. Possibly provide colleagues with flip cameras to recordtheir experience. It would then be possible to podcast the sessions and tag them for possible upload to the podcast server.

Meeting with Alison Domakin 17/05

Alison has a new course based on Social Work starting in Sept and is looking at ways she can use technology to enhancethe student experience.

Showcased Live@edu, nursingbuddies, OneNote and podcasting.

Alison wishes LRT to carry out an induction in Sept on Live@edu both at the MMU and locations across the UK as part of the distance learners induction.

Alison will to investigate the use of nursingbuddies as a an engagement tool to use with the students pre-university. Live@edu would form all forms of contact once a course has started.

Alison also wishes to investigate the use of podcasts to distribute interviews with professional colleagues to students using the podcast server.

A further meeting is to be arranged.

Alternatives to NING

A number of different sites to NING have been recommended. All have pricing policies.


The use of NING though still viable is causing problems due to pricing issues. Nursingbuddies will still use NING but have now incorporated all cohorts onto one site but different groups.

Meeting with Neil Fowler Exer & Sports Sci – Crewe

Meeting with NF, Andy Cooper, Brian Williams and myself to determine the layout of the Data Analysis room.

The room layout according to the drawing was based on desk against the room walls. To be able to accomodate 25 students the room had to be redesigned. This was assisted by observing the layout of a room in the Language Resource Centre. It was decided to have three central islands with PCs on them and according to space requirements. This would enable 25 students to fit into this room adequately.

One of the PCs would be that used by the tutor to showcase procedures. SENDA requirements were also addresssed.

Campus Tech recommended a pull-down screen be fitted for projection with an eco-quiet projector.

Campus Tech and myslef to possibly visit Crewe to view the rooms and layout. Neil was happy with the solution as it provided a beter utilisation of space and resources.

Meeting with Dave Edmondson – 14/05/10

DE wishes to use podcass for his social work research. Using Flashback Dave wishes to create a number of podcasts based on different workflows. The podcasts to go on the social work website, research NING, and WebCT. These will be available for students to view and will be accordingly tagged and have an RSS feed.

DE also looked at the nursingbuddies site. I explained that this was a fee-paying site and was currently being used to engage students on the Pre-Nursing course pre-univ. He was interested in setting up a site for himself for the faculty research website He will be investigating further the use of such a site and was to contact JG for access to nursingbuddies for evaluation purposes.

iBorrow 17/05/10


The original project proposal was that:…
“ iBorrow will allow users of a new Library and Learning Centre to borrow a laptop computer as easilyas picking a book from a shelf. It will provide a large-scale demonstration of how thin-client laptops with location-aware technology can enable the University to not only provide no-fuss access to a full range of software and learning resources but also effectively manage the configuration of the facilities within the large flexible learning spaces of its new learning centre. By overlaying location information with additional data it can also provide insights into the way students use electronic and virtual resources at an individual level or within a group context and thus answer the questions that arise when designing new learning spaces.”

At Canterbury Christ Church University students are able to borrow 200 iBorrow netbooks provides for free use within the building.

The iBorrow Project was funded by JISC and CCCU as part of the Institutional Innovation Programme (IIIP). The loan system is entirely self-service and no complicated than borrowing a book.

The CCCU used Asus EEE netbooks with an Atom chipset using the Windows Fundamental for Legacy PCs (WinFLP) which fitted on a 8Gb SSD. This would deliver a fully virtualised thin-client environment with Wi-Fi location tracking. This enables data to be obtained which provides an insight into the way which students use learning spaces.

Existing laptop loan schemes involved significant overhead and operational burden in terms of deposit to loan, staff issues and data recording. A loan system based entirely on self-service. A robust system and software lock down so that they always worked were the major factors to consider.

A&D Building Meeting 10/05

Meeting of Campus team, Damian Smith, David Crow.

Aim of the meeting to look at the various technology which may be used in the different rooms of the development.

In the entrance to the building and the main studio area the use of overhead interactive projectors as outlined below was discussed. Possibility of asking a company to showcase their product:

As this building is to be an artistic development the use of technology to provide a solution and make it interactive is part of the ongoing process.

At the KAUST the use of traditional technology, 3D and virtual has provided an interactive experience to students, academics and visitors.

This form of interaction could become a template for the development of the A&D building, see below: