Gender Staff Forum – 28/04

The GSF are looking at the use of technologies to distribute the message of the GSF and also to increase the male membership of the forum. The GSF currently do not use technological solution in engagement, meetings and dissemination of information.

MS suggested setting up a blog for the GSF which can be used to disseminate relative information. Work with NTragen and SN to set this up.

To be invited to future GSF meeting to showcase other technologies such as:

  • Twitter
  • Office Live
  • Facebook page
  • Poll Everywhere
  • PREZI instead of PPoint
  • Video conferencing – Skype, WebEx

Skype can be setup on a laptop to showcase video-conferencing, Twitter to disseinate information quickly, Office Live to share documents, a Facebook page for the GSF

Art & Design New building construction 13/04

Completion July 2012, Fit out Sept 2012

8-10 group work desks in the Learning spaces.
How will zones be setup? What AV equipment is required? Specialist AV equipment may be required e.g. HD projection on the fourth floor gallery area. How is projection onto the North Face to be carried out?

Three specialist areas exist – specialist teaching and learning areas
Studio and touch-down areas may blend into one. Fitout required for AV equipment will require a similar process to that used in MMUBS building

Meeting with Dave Edmondson 12/04

DE is interested in the Live@Edu aspect of Sharepoint. His dept is currently looking at developing online distance courses. Live@Edu which is available to students registered with the MMU could provide a solution. Holding an online tutorial wtih Messenger, Skype were further aspects he wishes to investigate.

As part of the feedback process Dave wishes to use Flashback to determine the practicalities. The podcasts may be up to 1 hour in length. I informed Dave that we would need to discuss further his requirements as there are limits to uploads, file size and practical use.