Integrating Twitter posts into Facebook

It is supposedly possible to integrate Twitter posts into Facebook using the Twitter app. Having tried this application on a number of facebook accounts the seamless integration has not worked when trying to log into twitter.

Tried instead and this works on a profile page but not seemingly on a collections page as with the mmu collections page.

Need to investigate further how this works before fully recommending this form of integration.

Live@edu Presentation at E.Gaskell

Carried out a presentation on MS Live@edu to the Sept 09 Pre-Nursing Reg. cohort. Members of academic staff were invited to the sesssion. Organised by James Garvey

The presentation can be found at:

Students were interested in the use of this application. I asked a student to log into the system to showcase its use and flexibility. Does this remove the case of not losing your work as it is online, available all the time and backedup!!!!

ActivXpression Interactive Devices for Assessment

During my employment as an ICTS officer at Didsbury I was involved in the ActivXpression Interactive Devices assessment project. ICTS used the devices during th eundergaduate induction for BA(Hons) Education students.

By the end of the assessment 300 undergrads had been assessed using these devices. The feedback from the sessions was extremely positive . A report outlining their deployment, methodology and evaluation was presented to Maureen Haldane. The final version of the report is now ready to be presented to Promethean along with all other projects carried out.

Classrooom Technologies – Management systems

The spreadsheet contains a list of mobile technologies and classroom management systems which are currently under review. These technologies such as Poll Everywhere and NetSupport may provide solutions for engagement between students and tutors within a lecture environment and PC-based teaching.

Classroom Management systems spreadsheet

Using Mobile Technology in a Meeting

Live Audience Polling – Polleverywhere

can be used to ask a number of different types of questions to colleagues in a variety of formats. To create a question is a simple process, which can then be sent out as a poll by means of a generic text code and number. As most mobiles are available with ‘free minutes’ this may be of use in meetings, seminars or student groups.

Once a poll has stopped the resulting poll can be exported to Excel for analysis or as a PPoint slide.

What is important when creating the poll is to ensure that the process of answering the question in terms of which number to text and how is explained as this may cause discrepencies in the results obtained.

The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book

In 2009 I submitted details of a project I was involved in with the Pre-Nursing Registration course at EG to Terry Freedman to consider using in an e-book he was compiling. The project book contains a huge list of projects that have been contributed from various schools, colleges and universities.

The Projects Book is now available to view and to download which has details of my project. You can use the search facility to jump to my submission.

This has been a positive outcome since many submissions that had been received by Terry had to be declined.

The book is a fantastic insight of development, research and use of web2.0 technology currently been practice. Furthermore it shows that students from very early ages are introduced to and are familiar with these technologies before coming to us.

I’m also pleased to mention that my colleague in LRT – Nillan Fakira has also had a number of submissions accepted in this E-book.

You can view the book here