Meeting with Michael Gorman (MIRIAD) 16/02/10

Michael wishes LRT to provide an overview of the resources they are able to support and develop. This will form part of the L&T day at MIRIAD. i mentioned a number of applicatins which we currently suport and are highlighting:
• Podcasting
• Social networking
MG will inform me when the exact date for this session will be and details of time, location etc.
Art & Design have never bought into the VLE and are concerned how any future choice will affect their department. Currently an intranet is used to deliver a service to staff and students. A&D would be loooking to develop distributed model so that development can be carried out pre-implementation. A&D are iinvolved in Creative Manchester (Paul Basson) and wish to maintain their working links with CM as the implementation of the VLE becomes a reality.
MG asked if it would be possible for graduates to have an email based on rather than or This would provide a comparitive example to Glasgow School of Art – and other Art schools. MG thought this would provide a professional aspect to their identity wrt email address. KL to liaise with MG about this issue as it involves communication between a number of interested parties.
MG was to contact JG wrt Social networking and review nursingbuddies to determine if its use and application could be applied to undergraduates at A&D.