Meeting with David Fletcher SLC Didsbury 15/12

Thank you for meeting up. Hopefully we can work on a number of issues you mentioned. Please find below a list of the things we covered:
1. SkyDrive – the use of a SkyDrive to share media and files both with staff, students and external bodies
2. You would be interested in becoming an early pioneer in the use of the new VLE in July 2010
3. Video conferencing – currently SLC use Adobe Breeze for conferencing purposes. SLC require a cost-effective solution, not Flash-based as is the case with Breeze. Cisco WebEx may be a solution which you will be trialing out Maxwell on the 16/12. Please let me know your thought s on this. I will contact David Dickinson to update me on other peoples thoughts on this project. Cost is an issue of course!!!
4.. SLC are involved in the ASK project (Ask a Science Teacher). The project involves Science teachers in HE schools developing and sharing resources with other staff. A combination of media including PPoint, Video and other to be distributed to a select audience. Available online with all resources related in one folder or area. Another meeting to be arranged to discuss the possiblity of developing appropriate solutions in 2010
Meeting 18/02/10
David will be trialling Flashback to determine its usability and adaptability within the SLC session.

Tektura Wallcoverings meeting 01/12

Present: Alex Lee, Andy Cooper, Neil Anderson, Steve Nisbet & Karen Souter (Tektura)

The product would provide a solution from the traditional boards located across the university. The wallcoverings can be used for projection and writing on.

SN comments:

Rather impressed myself, I think mainly because its a simple solution with a lot of potential beyond the mere idea of sticking it on a wall and letting folks draw on it.
  • It could replace nobo boards – hell of a lot of wasted paper
  • having a dual use wall covering – drawing and the ability to host projections – sensible reuse of space
  • Could even get flexible rolls of the stuff laminated onto some substrate and use it (with suitable stands) for temporary displays etc.

AC & NA to contact Karen to determine costings and practicalities of using this solution in the new Business school.