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Quality(Q)-ROLO – a JISC ReProduce project

There is a political drive to reuse learning material. Acronyms form a major part of this project.

RePRODUCE – a JISC website – share, remix, reuse – legally – a free online service providing access to technology and learning resources. click on User Login unless you are adding files. If you download from jorum then upload to webCT as a SCORM module.

CASPER – another JISC outlet

If you find something useful e..g on YouTube email the creator (IPR owenr) to ask if it can be used elsewhere. Make sure they are the IP owner if they created it themselves.

Prof Ann Holmes – CA Conference

How do we give a more effective delivery of resources using less money?

Is assessment fot for purpose?

Why do we keep assessing?

Learning outcomes are the key to assessment.

Online technology to assess, why aren’t we more creative instead of being traditional. We need to breakdown barriers . Do we use too much summative assessment and not enough formative

Feedback from the NSS survey 2009, feedback for students is not timely or effective for courses

How do we get educational establishmentsto challenge their aproach to assessment?

Characteristics of learning-orientated assessment

Assessment which is formative but carreid out in a ‘safe’ method. Summative assessment is a ‘fake-good’ approach as the stakes arehigh.

Tasks should be challenging and engage the content they are in e.g. placement. Carrying out assessment for the start of a program can be inclusive of the student. Involving active engagement of students thereby developing independent learning

Assessment should be used to evaluate teaching!!!

Presentation @CA conference 0909

Chris Mitchell asked if LRT could carry out a presentation on Learning Technologies – see The session raised interest in the use of TEL amongst a variety of staff. Request for information on the subject matter will develop.

Chris will be revisitng some aspects of the technology demonstrated at the learning and teaching day at Hollings. LRT wil be invited to this event in Dec.

LRT Presentation for Business School

Nillan and I presented a mini demo to the Department of Accounting outlining the technologies which can be used within their teaching environment.

Based on the presentation to ICTS, the session raised some interesting issues from it. Some staff are actively seeking new delivery tools of lectures using podcasting. Some were unsure about the future of WebCT. A tutor outlined that teaching is moving away from a ‘push’ model to a ‘pull’ model where students are spoon fed material. This currently happens with WebCT and other technologies being used. If we are to engage and interact with students, a requirement of the student of the future the use of technology will be imperative. A member of staff outlined the fact that her students had complained about being taught using different technologies for different subjects.

LRT presentation for ICTS Staff JD North & Hollings 04/09/09

Mark, Alex,Nillan and I carried out a presentation Presentation to ICTS for the ICTS staff to introduce them to the technology currently being used and developed by LRT staff. Jayne Evans, Mark Roche and Sue gregory were invited to the session as observers.

The session provided LRT to introduce itself to ICTS staff. Jayne informed she wishes to LRT carry out a similar session for Library staff. Sue informed that if this was to be delivered to academic staff a pedagogical approach would be required.

Meeting with Dennis Pass

Dennis and I met to discuss a number of learning technologies which can be used to improve TEL. One of the ideas was to investigate the possiblitiy of Smartboards being installed in 2 or 3 locations, for use by academics and students. They may form part of the new Business school technology review. Staff could be trained on the Smartboards and book the room to use with students to develop an interactive environment.

Websites viewed: Tidebreak, Dyknow, Classroom Presenter

Dennis to help in organising the session on the 29/09 with Interactive Technologies in terms of people to invite etc. Will arrange another meeting to discuss these issues further.