What are flashcards: http://communityblog.livemocha.com/?p=31

Flashcard Exchange – http://www.flashcardexchange.com/

Good point for starting to create flashcards. Can download to iPhone or Web-based.


Apple iPod can be used with an application called Mindwire – a Flashcard quiz application. An authoring tool which is aclosed app where teachers have the ability to author learning resources like cards and quizzews using text and media.Students download the apps and subscribe tothe content relevant to their course. Material is pushed out to the mobile device.


Android™ delivers a complete set of software for mobile devices: an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications. It is posssible to create your own apps using the open source application.

Possible to use the application with all phones. Primarily a self-development tool see: http://www.android.com/about/

Could it be possible to develop an app for the MMU????

Turning Point Demo 22/07/09

TP can be used where you want to test a concept and can be used in a class as a real time formative assessment tool. TP results can be exported to Excel which is not a feature of Promethean.

The option you choose when a poll is opened can be changed until the poll is closed. This will then be the answer taken. Data can be analysed with SPSS.

Dylan Wiliam used a hinge question process which states that a hinge question requires a deep undertanding of the subject knowledge

The Library could develop a loan option for the TP devices which cost £30.00/handset, £1100.00 for a licence.

30 different types of report can be generated from the results obtained. TP allows devices to be registered on different channels thereby there should be no problem using different devices in proximity.

One receiver can accept 1000 devices but you can plug in another receiver if you use more than 1000 devices.

Responseware (webresponse service) can be used to interact with wireless machines – www.rwpoll.com Responseware can be used if students are geographically dispersed e.g. if videoconferencing. Responseware is a licence/service and payment is for the number of concurrent users. i.e. 100 users would enable 100 people to use their mobile devices to vote. Can use TP and Responseware together.

TP Anywhere allows you to vote over any piece of software used with it.

Testing Point plugin for Word can be used to create a bank of questions which may be used where and when required.