Large Lecture Theatre (200+)

What will I find in the room (and what can I do with it)?

Dual-image (multi-room) multi-media projector with touch-screen controller Choose to display output from the PC, DVD, Visualizer or a laptop
PC with standard software & interactive monitor Present from a USB stick, flash drive or display web pages
Visualizer/document camera Place an object on it to display on the screen
Multi-region Blu-ray/DVD player Show material for which you have copyright clearance
Laptop plugin (1xVGA+ Audio/1xHDMI) with cables + power socket Present from a laptop, using Wi-Fi if you need it
Lectern microphone + lapel radio microphone Present from the front desk or walk around
Handheld radio microphone Walkabout Q&A
Hearing Loop
Media Desk

Where can I find instructions on how to use this stuff?

Download the document: Operation of a Large Lecture Theatre AV Equipment

Typical Layout of a Large Lecture Theatre AV Equipment

Do you have any examples of good teaching practice for this size of room?

Demonstrating principles using activities in lectures

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